• CE marked product
  • Product classified A1
  • The application of the coating does not require any specific preparation of the duct to be treated.
  • Validated product for sheet metal ducts with quick assembly
  • Realization in a single pass up to 80mm.
  • Rot-proof
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic


Fireproof coating composed of calcium sulphate, mineral fibres and special additives, designed to protect ventilation and smoke extraction ducts in sheet metal, for all types of sections.

EXTHA FIREMAT SD can achieve fire resistance up to 180min according to EN 1363-1, 1366-1 and 1366-8.


Color Gray
Density 625kg/ m³
Thermal conductivity 0.130W/m.k
Water recovery 60%
Thickness of the applied product 47 mm EI 120 (ventilation ducts type A and B)
59mm EI 120 (type C smoke extraction ducts)
Porosity 67%


Available PVs

Type of ducts Procès-Verbal
Ventilation PV N°06-A-326
Smoke extraction PV N°07-B-020

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