• CE marked product
  • Class A1 product
  • No material waste
  • No cut
  • No degradation over time
  • Simplified mounting system
  • Adaptable to all configurations (horizontal, vertical, elbows)
  • Compatible with passive fire protection accessories (inspection hatch, grilles, shutters…)


Ventilation and smoke extraction ducts made of our EXTHAMAT P fire protection plates. These plates have grooved edges and are made of calcium sulphate, mineral fibres and special additives. They are moulded in our factory and made to measure (see table in the range)

Our EXTHAMAT P fire-resistant ducts (or firebreaks?) are classified A1 according to the European standard EN 13501-1, and can achieve a fire resistance of up to 240min according to EN 1363-1 and 2, 1366-1 and 1366-8.

Assembly system

The plates are assembled with a stick of vegetable fibres and plaster to seal them and perfect the seal. The ducts are supported by pairs of M8 threaded rods placed every 1000 mm accompanied by metal supports (U-rail). In order to achieve two hours of resistance, we protect the supports with our CE certified shells, glued to the duct with vegetable fibre and plasterboard stickers.

Thanks to the simplicity of this system, which does not use screws for joining, unforeseen events and assembly time are considerably reduced.


Average Density 1100 kg/ m³
Conductivity 0.4 W/m.K
Stress at break in bending 4.26 Mpa
Maximum water recovery capacity 0.32g/cm³
Acoustic deficiency Rw = 34 Db
Operating pressure -1500 / +1500 Pa


Ventilation duct range table
Fire resistance (min) Thickness (mm) Procès-verbaux Inner sections (mm) Operating pressure (Pa)
60 25 EFR-16-001068 0x0 to 2500×2000 -1500 / + 1500
90 30 13-A-966
120 35 14-A-048
180 55 EFR-14-00856
240 55 EFR-15-002943 0x0 to 1250×1000 -500/+500


Range table for smoke extraction ducts
Fire resistance (min) Thickness (mm) Procès-verbaux Inner sections (mm) Operating pressure (Pa)
60 25 EFR-16-001070 0x0 to 2500×2000 -1500 / + 1500
90 30 13-A-1032
120 35 14-A-049
180 55 EFR-14-00857
240 2×35  EFR-15-002946 0x0 to 1250×1000 -500/+500


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