• The implementation of the product does not require any specific preparation of the duct to process.
  • Validated product in sheet metal duct for quick assembly (bridge flanges).
  • Implementation in a single pass up to 80mm


Fireproof, fire-resistant coatings for buildings, tunnels and refineries. The composition of each coating, its characteristics and properties vary depending on its application. On the other hand, they all have a rough projection or smooth finish.

All our coatings are classified A1 according to the European standard EN 13501-1.


  • FIREMAT SD (buildings) sheet metal duct protection lining
  • FIREMAT S sprayed-on lining for protection of steel or concrete structures (buildings)
  • FIREMAT TLR (tunnel) lining designed for the protection of tunnels and underground structures
  • FIREMAT R (refineries) coating designed to protect petrochemical plants

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