• CE marked product
  • Class A1 product
  • No material waste
  • No cut
  • No degradation over time


EXTHAMAT panels are fireproof panels for passive fire protection of all types of buildings, through our EXTHAMAT P range or for tunnels, through our EXTHAMAT HP range. They are manufactured to measure in our factory in Spain, and their compositions, characteristics and properties vary according to their applications.

Our EXTHAMAT plates are classified A1 according to the European standard EN 13501-1, and that for all its applications.

Dimensions of the EXTHAMAT plate range and packaging:

Dimensions of the plates Quantity/Pallet m2
1000x200xe 112 22.4
1000x250xe 93 23.25
1000x300xe 75 22.5
1000x350xe 67 23.45
1000x400xe 62 24.8
1000x450xe 51 22.95
1000x500xe 46 23
1000x550xe 43 23.65
1000x600xe 42 25.2
1000x650xe 38 24.7
1000x700xe 38 26.6
1000x750xe 38 28.5

The thickness varies from 25 mm to 55 mm depending on the required fire resistance. Our boards are delivered with our own assembly kit which includes our EXTHAFIX glue, vegetable fibre stickers, plaster and protective shells.


EXTHAMAT P ventilation and smoke extraction ducts (buildings)

EXTHAMAT P firewall formwork / EXTHAMAT P cable and PVC pipe gutters (buildings)

Panel for the protection of concrete structures (tunnels) EXTHAMAT HP

EXTHAMAT HP camera (tunnels)

EXTHAMAT HP firewall formworks for the protection of electrical and optical cables (tunnels)


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