Passive fire protection

EXTHA is a group specialising in passive fire protection: we sell and apply plaster, fire-proof plates, fire barriers, flues and ventilation ducts. We both design and produce our products.

Who we are

EXTHA, created in 1984, is a group which is specialized in passive fire protection.

We are designers, manufacturers and appliers of firewall products that are used in buildings, tunnels and refineries. Our market knowledge, our professionalism and the establishment of several EXTHA agencies all over the French territory, have enabled our company to become leader in terms of installation of fire resistant ducting, with one of the widest range of products in the current market.

Our technical solutions have been chosen to equip large private and public projects in France and abroad.

Thanks to our early research and development policy, we have a range of products tested and approved by the European legislation.

About us Research and development Environment

Our products

The whole range of products EXTHA is a unique set of technical solutions born to the passive fire protection and which fulfills the requirements of French and European regulations.

EXTHA in numbers


EXTHA Solutions

All the solutions proposed by the Extha Group are the result of an extensive process of research and development in order to provide safety and comfort. Divided into 3 complete ranges with the aim of facilitating their implementation and improving on-site productivity.

Edificios Buildings Solutions

The EXTHA range dedicated to buildings makes it possible to meet all requirements relating to passive fire protection in buildings such as open-to-the-public buildings (ERP), high-rise buildings (IGH), residential or office buildings.

Túneles Tunnel Solutions

The EXTHA high-tech range dedicated to tunnels meets all requirements for the protection of structures and networks in underground structures.

Refinerías Refinery Solutions

The EXTHA range dedicated to refineries meets all requirements for protecting the structural elements of petrochemical installations, adapted to the demands of hydrocarbon fires.